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Our school

Our School

At our school there are 538 students attending 22 classes. 42 teachers are employed. In the junior section we use a big ascending system, which means that every class has the same form-master during the first four years. One of our first classes is specialized in drama games and children attending this class study foreign language in raised number of lessons in the framework of school home. We teach reading for everyone with the so-called asserting component method using analysis, synthesis and syllabification.

We teach foreign languages – German and English – starting from the first class. During the first two years the aim is making children become attached to the language, while the long distance aim is the achievement of a lower level language examination. For the sake of this aim children have two language lessons since their fourth year, and in the senior section they have the opportunity to learn language in small groups and to attend a study circle. We also have a student center where children can borrow foreign language books and journals and can correspond in foreign languages through the Internet.


Our institution participated in the Comenius programme as well, in the scope of which our students had been keeping the contact with Italian, Czech, Austrian and Polish students in German and English languages. Our students managed to get into these countries and we also received foreign students from there. Now we are working on a new EU application with the aim of making other countries’ cognition possible for our students.

Our partner school is situated in St Florian, Austria. Our pupils are in regular contact with their students. We have already had the opportunity to meet each other both in our town and in Austria.

We instruct our students in informatics from their fourth year in small groups. We teach learning methodology during the fifth year of our students to make them able to overcome their learning disabilities as well as learn efficiently and to help their adaptation to the requirements of the senior section.

We teach our first- and fifth-form students according to the skeleton curriculum elaborated for sport schools. This programme helps pupils to become conscious sportsmen and sportswomen both in a physical and a mental sense. They learn the treatment technique of the successes and failures entailing sports. The competitive sport changes these students’ daily routine. They are often absent from school because of competitions and training camps. We assure their closing up continuously.

Behaviour culture and drug prevention have a significant role in our programme. The form-teachers regularly talk with their pupils about the right conduct towards each other and adults. All the students take part in swimming lessons and three times a week in PE lessons. Most of them go regularly to trainings as well. Our swimmers and gymnasts do their trainings at the local swimming pool and sports hall where they are escorted by our teachers. Other children in the junior section are trained in different kind of ballgames like football and handball. Later in the senior section they can choose from among these team sports.

Our students achieve beautiful results at the local, county and national study and sport competitions. They enhance the reputation of our school and town, and we are very proud of them.

Several alternative ways are offered for our pupils to pass their free time usefully. Drama, informatics, arts, choir and chess circles are working very well in the afternoons. The children’s free time activities are organised by the students’ government.

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